Ready to GIVE UP.... can't get Unattended Robot to work. Please help!

Sorry but I’m frustrated – this should be a simple thing. I have been messing with this for days now.

I have a Robot (and UiPath Assistant) installed on a Server (let’s call it A01). I have Studio Pro and UiPath Assistant installed on a Dev Machine (called 807). All I want is to run an Unattended Robot on the server (A01). Why is this so difficult?? The Server will NOT connect properly to Orchestrator. Meanwhile, the Dev Machine will connect to Orchestrator, however only as a Floating Robot, it will not connect properly as Unattended.

I’ve included the screenshots below, and maybe I’m just obtuse, but should it really be this difficult to do something as basic as running an Unattended Robot?

Shows the Server (A01), Dev Machine (807), and the Floating Machine which is the only way I can get anything to work:

Shows the License Status for the machines. Why is the Server Red??

Shows the Robots , the first attached to the Dev machine as Floating, the second not attached to anything apparently.

This is how UiPath Assistant is configured on the Dev Machine (notice it shows licensed):

This is how UiPath Assistant shows on the Server – it says Connection Failed, and when I hover over it, it says "The connection to Orchestrator became unresponsive."

This shows the licenses for my company:

Please help!

I’m not sure how to solve your problem.

Are you using Enterprise version? If yes and if you have not yet contacted UiPath support, raise a ticket here: Contact Technical Support
They’ll definitely help you.

Hi Surya, yes this is Enterprise version. I’ll go ahead and file a ticket, but in the meantime if anyone else has any experience with this, it’d be great if I could get some guidance.

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