Robot is connected but unlicensed

Hi all,

I am currently attempting to connect a new Studio robot to a virtual machine. The domain, username, machine key and Orchestrator URL are all correct, however the machine is being displayed as “Connected, Unlicensed” on UiPath Assistant and on Orchestrator.

Any suggestions on what I can do to resolve the issue?

Note: I have already looked at the below post but it’s not helped:

Hi @william.coulson ,

In Orchestrator check the license you assigned. Try from changing attended to unattended.

Hi @manjula_rajendran,

When I attempt to sign in I get message “License is already in use”. I am going to try changing the domain/username of the VM I want to connect, as I already have another VM with the same domain/user.

The issue was that the account names for both VMs were the same. We changed the account name on the second VM and it seems to have resolved.

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