Robot connected but Unlicensed - Unresolved

Hi there, I have been through every post regarding this issue and I cannot fix my problem. Status of the robot in UIPath Assistant is “Connected, Unlicensed”.

  1. Machine Name in the Orchestrator is the same as in UiPath Assistant
  2. Domain in Orchestrator settings includes [AccountName]/[ServiceName] as per latest update
  3. Robot User is the same as my Windows Domain\Username (from whoami in cmd)
  4. Robot type is “Unattended”

I have attached relevant screenshots.

Hi @moon_amlet,
I’m wondering why your machine is added twice? Could you please just deploy this particular one machine you have and build robot from scratch (in Orchestrator) and assign it to machine?

What I think is that maybe by accident you are using Machine Key to wrong one machine from those two you have in orchestrator.

I have the exact same problem here. Any solution yet?

My machine gets connected fine, but the robot is still “unlicensed” according to the agent, assistant and studio.

The problem with dual machines in the settings/license is the same. After I create the machine there is only one listed here but the extra one shows up after I connect my robot. It seems this action somehow creates this “shadow machine”. Both are activated but only one of them has a valid license (makes sense of course since I only have 1 available) but it doesn’t matter if I disable any of them - the robot still wont be licensed.

It’s because connecting Assistant using your Cloud account will automatically bind your machine with your tenant. If you have performed manual setup before and done some crutial changes there it might came to this situation.

Can you please be more specific?

I have the same issue, I created the machine and deactivated on my user the automatically workspace creation for attended ana unattended (just to make sure there is not a bug from there).

I have deleted the tenant and created again multiple times, and for me this is a bug from UiPath. I have just one single Machine and one single Robot.

My support id is 9809-7097-7959-7198, Am I doing something wrong? The version is 2020.10.2 Community

Hi @dtila,
As you are on Enterprise license I would rather suggest to wait for support response to be honest as they will explain it better than I :slight_smile:

Thanks for the message, but actually I am on the Community version. I have 2 StudioPro licenses available, and the robot is set to StudioPro. However, while I can connect, the robot is said to be unlicensed

I would start then from checking if you are not accidentally logged to Robot from Assistant. Please open Assistant and make sure you see this:
Then go to your Orchestrator tenant and double check if your machine or machine template shares exact same MachineKey with your Robot/Assistant. Additionally on your PC open CMD and write “whoami” command and check if exact same “machine/username” is set for your Robot in Orchestrator.

I am not sure if this problem is resolved yet. But I had this same problem and now find the solution. Please check if you are logged in to robot in UiPath assistant, in that case please logout from the assistant and try adding your machine using machine key again. It is working and your UiPath assistant should look like as shown. Please let me know if the solution is helpful!!
Screenshot 2021-04-19 134709

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HI @moon_amlet

You might also need to have a look at the video I created… Maybe this will also help…


Thanks, it worked for me. As soon as I Signed out from UiPath Assistant, it showed green mark saying Connected, Licensed. I had the same “robot error” and “robot does not exist” issues.