Robot connected but Unlicensed - Unresolved

Hi there, I have been through every post regarding this issue and I cannot fix my problem. Status of the robot in UIPath Assistant is “Connected, Unlicensed”.

  1. Machine Name in the Orchestrator is the same as in UiPath Assistant
  2. Domain in Orchestrator settings includes [AccountName]/[ServiceName] as per latest update
  3. Robot User is the same as my Windows Domain\Username (from whoami in cmd)
  4. Robot type is “Unattended”

I have attached relevant screenshots.

Hi @moon_amlet,
I’m wondering why your machine is added twice? Could you please just deploy this particular one machine you have and build robot from scratch (in Orchestrator) and assign it to machine?

What I think is that maybe by accident you are using Machine Key to wrong one machine from those two you have in orchestrator.