Unattended bot should run continuously

Hi Team,
We have requirement unattended bot should run continuously with out any schedule, how to should i do in Uipath.


Hi @ranganathan8929!
Is the machine with the unattended license connected to Orchestrator or is your unattended license Node Locked (no Orchestrator)?

Hello @Mr_Meeseeks - Thanks for your reply, It’s connected to the Orchestrator and licensed.


Hey @ranganathan8929

My first thought is to use the Scheduler in Orchestrator and have it set to continuously start the job:

Trigger Tab
Click on the Advanced radio button and enter * * * * * ? * in the Cron expression field.
This will tell Orchestrator to start the job every second.

Execution Target Tab
Click on the Specific Robots radio button select your robot.

Parameters Tab
Enter your Parameters in the Parameters tab (if any)

Click Create

If the Job is already running on your robot, the job will not be created and you will see the following message in the top panel in Orchestrator

If you kill the process in the Jobs page or if the job stops on its own, the Orchestrator will start up the job almost instantly. There are probably much better methods than the one described above, but this should do the trick. If anyone has a better method I would love to hear it!

Hi @ranganathan8929 - You can create a infinite loop to do this as well.

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as mentioned by @anmolk171 its technically possible with wrapping the process invoke in a infinite loop etc.

However I would suggest to you to tkae even into account e.g. Applications should be restarted etc. i its crashed andling things that might can occur.

For a clean stop of the endless running job have a look on this:

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