Unattended bot doesn't run when Windows account is locked

I scheduled unattended bot from Orchestrator Enterprise. However, the unattended bot doesn’t run until when I login Windows account. The UiPath script is designed to run in background. Did anybody else encounter the same issue?


Another thread posted the same issue previously but there was no solution.

Hey @liu_shubin

First query is that - Is it a server machine I mean a VM ?

Secondly did you install the bot in Service mode of that’s a VM ?


Hello @liu_shubin

Inorder to make the bot to run in locked screen also, you need to install the robot as service mode.


Thanks. NK. The machine is AWS virtual machine. I need to check whether the bot is installed as service.

Thanks again.

Many thanks. I’ll check it.

Hey @liu_shubin

For checking about service mode, just see if you can see the UiPath robot service in the task manager services.

If yes then that’s installed in Service mode else not.

Most probably it won’t be based on the behaviour you have explained.

If it’s not in service mode, just run the Studio Installer MSI again which will ask you for modes to choose where you can select the Service Mode and it will auto update the installation.

Hope this helps.


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Hi NK, thanks for the detailed instructions. Our IT team is working with UiPath customer service on Orchestrator robot licensing. The issue is not resolved yet but your suggestion does make sense.

Okay sure @liu_shubin Thanks

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