Need to schedule unattended bot in VM

I am using remote desktop connecting to VM “” and UiPath installed and my application also installed in VM. I need to schedule unattended bot . how to schedule unattended bot in UiPath, time trigger for every 5 minutes . I am able to add time trigger, but when its triggered job creating but its going to pending status.need help

Do you already have an PC with UiPath installed, that you will use as the Unattended Robot machine?

You might want to follow sections 4 and 5 here to connect your unattended robot PC to Orchestrator: Robot - Deploying Unattended Robots - Community License (

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  1. Did you install robot in service mode?
  2. Did you provide an unattended license ?
  3. Did you assign robot type as unattended
  4. Did you provide domain/username and password details in orchestrator

Please check below doc on how to create unattended robot


let me try from step 1 . I did remove tenant and added new tenant.

I will try and let you know
Thank you

Hi @r0818

if the job is getting stuck in the “Pending” status, there might be a few possible reasons:

  1. Ensure that the machine where the bot is running is connected to Orchestrator and has a valid connection.
  2. Check if the bot user account has the necessary permissions and access rights to execute the job.
  3. Verify if the machine has available capacity to execute the job. If the machine is already running other jobs or if it is at maximum capacity, the new job may remain in the “Pending” status.
  4. Make sure the process associated with the job is published and available on the machine.