Add 1 Robot license to 3 Machines


I have a question about Robot’s licenses and Machines.
I have Orchestrator cloud and I have added 3 machines (one for each department). I have a unattended robot license but I don’t know If I can use the same license on different machines (not simultaneously).

So far it has not been possible for me.

Thank you!!

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Hey @ereinapo

Nope you will need 3 runtime license.

Else you will need to disconnect one to use the other.


For each connected machine you need one unattended robot licence (depends on the number of runtimes of the machine template: Three machine templates with each one runtime and one connected machine requires three unattended robot licences).

With each unattended robot licence you are able to execute one process at a time.

Why do you have three machines? Is there a special requirement? Maybe it is sufficient to use separate AD-Users for each department?