Multi Users with one machine template

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I’m confused for unattended license !!!

See that my windows machine has 2 users for now !! I setup 2 unattended users in orchestrator with one machine template ( one runtime license ) why I see the second user is unlicensed !! It suppose that license linked with machine template NOT robot users !!

If its possible to use one single license ( Production runtime ) with multi users and one machine template which is a windows 11 for – temporarily – because we will run the processes on windows server later…
Noted that these 2 user can connect to machine at the same time remotely…

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There are different type sof licenses as well depending on them you get licenses

User licensing.


Check this documentation About licenses

When online and connected to Orchestrator, a machine consumes a number of licenses equal to the runtime capacity of the machine template used to connect to Orchestrator. The runtime represents the maximum number of robots that can simultaneously run on a specific machine and it is manually customizable.

A Windows workstation (Windows 10/11) can run only one background process at a time, and therefore it is recommended to assign only one runtime to it. But you can also have more robots defined on a machine than the number of runtimes allocated to that machine.

A Windows Server machine can have several robots executing processes simultaneously, and therefore you can assign more runtimes to it to allow for concurrent execution.


You mean with windows server I can run processes simultaneously with two users or more on a specific machine with only one runtime license at the same machine template !!

Is that correct or I make a misunderstanding?!

considered that we have a community edition and trying with enterprise edition before couple of days ! so for now we have only one runtime license…!


You need two unattended runtimes assigned to the machine template to be able to execute 2 jobs at the same time for the Windows Server machine.

The number of runtimes assigned to a machine determines the number of Unattended or NonProduction licenses consumed when the UiPath Robot is running on the machine. The number of robots defined on a machine, on the other hand, is not dependent on the number of runtimes.

For example, if you assign only 3 runtimes to a machine with 5 robots, only 3 licenses are consumed. If you execute 5 jobs or schedule all the robots on that machine, the following sequence occurs:

  1. 3 jobs are executed on the first 3 licensed robots;
  2. the remaining 2 unlicensed robots are placed in a pending state;
  3. the first 3 robots release their licenses;
  4. the remaining 2 robots can now obtain a license and they execute the assigned jobs.

If on a machine you have only one Unattended or NonProduction robot and assign 30 runtimes to the machine, then 30 licenses are consumed when that machine is online.

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I’m really appreciate your help !

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