Unable to use a unattended robot in licence community


I am trying to run a job (or a process) in my Orchestrator.
I published my process and it runs well via UiPath Assistant but not via Start a job in Orchestrator.

In admin setting, all licenses are given to my account.

and for my Tenant as well

I gave all group member ship to my account.

My test machine like this

Robot configuration is like below

In the license tab, I have this one

The process I would like to run says

Can I have some help about this problem?


Could you please mention the error.

Like job status is pending or Unable to sent the command to run?


Thanks for your reply.

The problem was when I run a process in Orchestrator, the job stocks in pedding and did not get started.
I suspected it was because it could not find a robot to run it.

But I found the solution. I did not know that I had to change a connection between UiPath assistant and Orchestrator.
So I check that my UiPath assistant was conected the attended robot.
I change it to the unattended machine and it works well now!

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When you create the User or Robot in your Orchestrator Tenant, also make sure to enable the User with an Unattended Robot in Step 2 (Tenant > Manage Access).

If you are only interested in Background Automations, simply Enable Unattended Robot is enought. However if you are going to run Foreground Automations, you must also provide the credentials.

In addition to the above you must also ensure you have added the User/Group along with Machine to your Modern Folder (Tenant > Folders > Select You Folder).


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Hey @YSU ,

Welcome to UiPath Forum.

Please see the detailed steps in below UiPath Official documentation to achieve your requirement.

Thanks, Let me know in case of any issues.

Cheers! :beers:

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