Unattended Automation with Community License: No Runtimes Available

Requirement: Trying to run a test process job from the orchestrator.


Additional Info: The tenant being used has one production unattended robot license assigned to it.

Try to use the Testing/Unattended Robot license that you may have. Allocate it to a machine template, connect the robot in UiPath Assistant with that machine key, then try to run the process.

Currently, the assistant has been licensed using the service URL https://cloud.uipath.com/. Also note this is community license.

An update: So I went to Tenant->Machines-> And updated the machine configuration and added the production unattended license to it. I was now able to at least start the job. However, now it stays in the pending state. And this is what I get when I click on the ‘i’ details icon:

" This job cannot run with the current folder configurations.

  1. This job can run only under an account with credentials defined and there is none assigned to this folder.

Please fix the folder configuration to resume job execution."

Note: I am able to run the workflow in attended mode and I can see the job status from the orchestrator for the same.

You need to set up the robot with your machine credentials in Orchestrator. (Orchestrator → Tenant → Manage access → robot user edit → unattended setup)
Then, you need to install the robot in VM in the Service Mode in order to use the Unattended runtime.

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