Unattended License without Orchestrator



Hi all,

After reading this documentation here:

I was unsure as to whether Orchestrator is required for unattended robots. Could anyone clarify whether it’s possible to have an unattended license for studio without having Orchestrator?


I have the some question about this, can the unattended license running without Orchestrator?


Yes, it is possible to run unattended Robot without Orchestartor. If the Robot is not connected to Orchestrator, you can still license it locally: https://robot.uipath.com/docs/licensing-a-robot#section-from-the-command-line.
If you have Unattended license key, it will know to “behave” as Unattended.

If we locally licensed the Robot as Unattended, it can do work as unattended Robot without connecting to Orchestrator.
That robot can run under locked screen, but you will first have to be logged in to the Robot machine, run your process manually, then lock your screen. Also there is this possibility to run the unattended robot using command line: or schedule it using windows task scheduler.

If you connect it to Orchestrator and run through Orchestrator you won’t need to have access to the Robot machine and you can run your process(Start a Job) from anywhere.

Info Source: Front Office Robot and Back Office Robot - Updated Info 2017.1.* Onwards


Hi, I have installed and activated unattended bot license, but when I’m checking status. its showing like this;

License status: 1
Device id: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
License expire date: 1/4/2019 11:30:00 AM
Maintenance expire date: not set
Attended: 0
Unattended: 0
Free: 0
Dev: 0
Concurrent: false

Please somebody answer me why it is showing Unattended: 0


Hi @yogesh_nagar

Did you resolve this issue? Installed the uiplatform.msi with the code and also activated the license using the cmd prompt.