Unable to Trigger

Unable to trigger proicess showing pending

Hi @sathya_auto

Please check whether any pending jobs are there allocated to the robot. If any you need to first complete that else you can stop it.

Check on this thread

Hello @sathya_auto

Is the robot available or connected to Orchestrator. check the robot status.

Hi @sathya_auto

Ensure that the robot assigned to execute the process is available and connected to UiPath Orchestrator. And check the schedule settings for the process in UiPath Orchestrator. If the process is set to run at a specific time or interval, ensure that the current time aligns with the scheduled execution.

@sathya_auto Please check whether the robot has been connected to the machine properly or not.

This is the error i getting

Hi @sathya_auto

Check the below thread

Hope it helps!!


“Terminate” or “Delete” the pending job manually then this will allow new jobs to be triggered.


Go to Start → type cmd → there type as whoami

this will give you the domain/username

the reason is if you have mentioned only the username or domain name in this field domain\username while creating robot, though you have the robot been connected to orchestrator the job will remain in pending while you try to run the job…thats why

This is job state

Hi @sathya_auto

Could you please try this one
Open start in your machine → Open command prompt by cmd → Type whoami then you get the domain name copy the domain name.

In the Domain\Username field in the UiPath orchestrator give the copied domain name.
Check the below thread for your reference.

Hope it helps!!

Hello @sathya_auto

Looks like the robot is an attended Bot, so we cannot trigger job from orchestrator.

Check whether you have license available for unattended and change the robot type.

Hi @Sreelatha278

We can trigger the project from the Orchestrator by using attended bot. While trigger the project in Process folder it will show in the Job folder in Orchestrator.

Hope it helps!!

Thankyou got it…bot is attended

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Thank you @sathya_auto

Happy Automation!!

Hello Satya,

If possible can you show me your trigger details, to understand the Runtime type used for attended robots.

Thank you!

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