Jobs getting stuck in Pending mode whe triggered from the Orchesrator


I am using the Orchestrator 2019.5.0-CE.21
Community License and I am facing issues when I trigger the bot form the Orchestrator. It just gets Stuck there and nothing happens. No logs are generated so that I can troubleshoot.

On running the process from the System tray the bot starts but gets terminated half way through the process and in the Orchestrator it shows that the Job was Stopped.

Please find below the screenshot of the Orchestrator from my end.

Kindly help me on the same since I need to complete my certification.

Thanks in Advance!

Rajiv Mulchandani

Hi @Rajiv_Mulchandani

Is your robot properly connected with the orchestrator? Can you check whether the robot is mentioned as connected in local robot tray and also in robots page in the orchestrator.

If this is properly done, try disconnecting the robot and connecting again…

Can I also see the robots page of the orchestrator and the settings page of your local robot

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Hi @Rajiv_Mulchandani

Please give this post a look: