State option in jobs is pending

hello people,
I have a robot which runs clearly in local.
When i try to run the same robot via orchestrator, state is always pending in jobs page.
I have seen some solutions in the forum but couldnt solve it.
Waiting for a lovely help :smiley:


buddy @mtalhabalci

did this help you buddy

Cheers @mtalhabalci

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this is not a good answer for me cuz the images are erasen :slight_smile:
need more definition in order to understand what was meant.
he is sayin i can get exact value of domein\username with which command?

Hi @mtalhabalci
Go to Start → type cmd → there type as whoami

this will give you the domain/username

the reason is if you have mentioned only the username or domain name in this field domain\username while creating robot, though you have the robot been connected to orchestrator the job will remain in pending while you try to run the job…thats why

Cheers @mtalhabalci

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thanks my robot master it worked :smiley:

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Cheers @mtalhabalci
Kindly make a solution buddy that could help others as well

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