Unable to sign in into Studio


I am unable to sign in into my UIPath Studio. Have been installing and uninstalling several times now. I get the following error. Is there anyone that can help me? thank you in advance.

Error loading discovery document: Error connecting to https://cloud.uipath.com/identity_/.well-known/openid-configuration

Hi Weelip

How are you trying to connect to the Studio?

Is this the Community edition or Enterprise edition?

Is the UiPath Assistant connected to the orchestrator?

Can you add some screenshots?

I am using the community edition.

How do I connect the UIPath Assistant to the orchestrator? I am literally stuck at the below screen when I click the sign on button and nothing happens. then the time out error mentioned above appears.

Hello @weelip

Welcome to our community!

Please refer to the below video

Hi Usha,

The video is quite good. And i have managed to create a machine. However, I dont seem to have an “Add” button to create the Robot. May I know if there are any mistake I have made? Please see my Orchestrator page in the attached below. Please do help. Thank you for your help in advance.

Hi minolp,

I followed the guide step by step and it worked. Thank you for your help.


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You are welcome.

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