Not able to sign in UiPath Studio

I use community edition.
It automatically signed out yesterday.
But I’m not able to sign in either in studio/assisstant/cloud.
The error looks like this:

Can anyone help me solve the problem! Thank you in advance.

Hello @111145

Can you try open “” in your browser and sign in to it?


I found I actually can sign in cloud, but not able to sign in studio or assistant on the desktop thus can not connect to the orchestrator.
Since the error message is about security, I visit cloud/orchestrator/tenant/settings/robot security.
I’m not sure how I can adjust the settings to let me reconnect to orchestrator.

Hey! Welcome back to community!

  1. Open assistant
  2. Click on user icon->Preferences->Sign in with machine key

if not resolved…

try to download the latest version from here…

  1. Stable :
  2. Preview :



Just download fresh copy of Community edition from orchestrator and install.

Try with these settings as below:

Disable User License Management

Old admin experience

New admin experience

Then in your tenant settings: