Unable to see output while running from UiPath Robot tray

I am automating some excel activity in UiPath. While I running the flow from studio it will create the output in the respective folder. I publish the flow and run it from the UiPath robot tray. Even though the flow works without any error, I am unable to find the output excel sheet.

It is not visible in the “C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\UiPath\packages” folder.

Can anybody help on this topic?

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Which type of paths you have used? Is that Relative or Absolute?


Have you specified absolute or relative path to save excel output file ?

Have we kept our excel filepath here in this folder
Kindly try once with other folder if possible with your project folder itself
Cheers @Aathira_Ajayan

Relative path @kuppu_samy

We are getting this similar post meanwhile
Did this help you

Cheers @Aathira_Ajayan

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