UiPath Robot and published package

Hi, I runned my robot from UiPath Robot like this:

All worked as expected, but I don’t know where I can find xls files that the process changed.
They aren’t into package directory and not even into project directory. Where they are?? Thanks

Try looking here:

I think when you publish it and it creates the package, it also stores the project directory in the ProgramData folder.


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Ok I found them thanks, but the only things that changed are email attachments that the robot has downloaded. Xls files that should have been modified are not modified. I already tested with UiPath Studio and it worked fine…

I’m not sure. You might consider using the Full Path of the director where you want to store the .XLS file. That way you know where the results are located. You’ll need to republish when you make that change probably, if you decide to do that.