Output is missing while running from Robot Tray


I run a flow from the UiPath robot tray and it run successfully without an error. But I can’t see the output anywhere.Is there is any way to see the output file…The output file is an excel.

Check in which location you are saving it should be there in that location if not means process not executed as expected.

I gave the input and output location as the same…The process run successfully in the robot tray…But no output fie created.

@kalyanDev, The process generates output file when it run from studio. But when it is robot tray it runs successfully without a output file.

Can you check by placing log messages when you are creating the output place some log messages so that you can understand whether it is creating or not.

I think your output path,You wrote as “output.xlsx”
So When you run with uipath Robot tray the output file save in
default location path is look like:C:\Users\sunil.nuget\packages\Projectname\1.0.1\lib\net45

Thank you…!



If you’re willing to have that output excel file in project folder then, you have to check .nuget directory.


@sunil_pendli @samir , Thank you for the reply. It’s there… Thank you so much.

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