Where do I find the output files when running custom published robot from Robot Tray or Agent Desktop?

I found this other post Output is missing while running from Robot Tray which did not help me since I do not have a folder at

C:\Users* user .nuget\packagesproject*\1.0.2\lib\net45

I also tried looking at searching in this folder (which does exist)


but no luck finding the output files. Can someone help me figure it out?

I have som extra info for this post.

I developed the workflow in the Robotic Enterprise Framework using Studio. The workflow creates excel and word files that are put in the local folder of the project.

I published the project to a custom url, which I run via the robot tray or agent desktop. When I run the process it runs successfully without error, but i do not know where the excel and word files are saved. It seems that they are not created as I have searched my computer for the files using pathfinder and the search showed nothing.

I found the answer. It was because I was using relative paths in stead of absolute paths. I found inspiration in this post Job is running successfully in Orchestrator. Not able to find result output file


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