Unable to Run/Find UiPathStudio

Hello All. Newbie here. Apologies if this is in the wrong section.

I started learning uipath yesterday. downloaded the studio, activated the community edition and all was well. I closed studio at the end of the day, yesterday. Today, I cannot get Studio to run. It does not show anywhere in the start menu. I cannot reinstall it. I cannot access the uipath folder in the %appdata%/local section and it says I do not have permission to the folder. I also cannot take ownership of that folder and assign rights to myself. The file version I used was 19.4.0. And so now I am stuck unable to proceed doing anything. Help will be appreciated to get me going.

Running Windows 10 Home (17134.706)
Plenty of Storage

P.S. : Add remove programs also does not show uipath studio installed as an application.


As you said, you installed Community edition and it is user specific.

Have you logged into same user account where you installed UIPath application yesterday ?

Yes, same machine, same user. Infact, I never even logged out. The system was only hibernated and then resumed earlier today.


Its unbelievable. First time I am hearing this kind of issue.

Could you please restart system and then delete UIPath app data folder and reinstall UIPath.

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Yes. Seems like my goto choice right now. Will do so once I wrap up with the other tabs and post back on how it goes.

Update : So seems like the application went into a deadlock mode (because of hibernation?). Not sure what. After the reboot, I reinstalled the application, Created a shortcut from the AppData/UiPath folder. Up and running for now.

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