Studio does not run on desktop

I downloaded Studio. However, it is not opening on desktop. When i clicked on Studio, the image is appearing but after waiting process is completed, then it disappears like nothing is happening. Can you guys help me about the problem? Is problem related with windows 10?

Hi @burak.yavas

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Could you try fixing your installation by following this guide?
How to fix your Studio installation / Licensing issues

Thanks for your attention. I checked the guideline. However, i dont have “favorites.xml” and “Uiactivities.settings” in Uipath folder. There are also missing folders too. I put picture of it. Is it mean that the download was not properly done?

Hi @burak.yavas
following this steps

bro, the guideline i think its not updated. Because the request community edition page does not appear when i click the link. i put picture of site where it leads me.

Yes. As the guide suggests, I would suggest to remove the old files (first via the Windows Add/Remove Apps, and then manually), and then reinstalling Studio from scratch.

As to the two files: “favorites.xml” and “Uiactivities.settings”, these are typically only created after you run Studio, which you couldn’t just yet. This is why these two are missing.