UiPath studio.exe completely disappeared from my machine after the latest update!

after thelatest update i did this weekend UiPath studio.exe completely disappeared from my machine.

i cant find it in start menu or even in program files

Hi @kamal_hamad

If you are not able to find the uipath exe file under program files. Please check the exe file under the following path. thanks.

%AppData%\Local\UiPath\app- your uipath studio version\UiPathStudio.exe

even here it does not exist

Oh in that case some thing happened while installing this software. Could you pls check in control panel and see if uipath is there. If it is there some thing issue with our installation. If it is there pls un install and install from cloud but this time try with .msi file instead of exe installer. Thanks.


Can you try reinstalling the software and check in programs tab, also check if there is any error you are facing


Hi @kamal_hamad

Could you still check this path?


And whether there is an exe file in this location:

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What if there is no exe file?

In that case, a Studio reinstallation might help.