UIPath Studio Community Edition doesn't start on Windows10



Hi there,

I’ve run UIPath Studio Community Edition on my windows10 machine for some days, without any trouble, but suddenly the application won’t start when I try. No error message, no dialog box, no UIPath Robot service shown in TaskManager/Services, nothing at all…?!

Has anyone seen this before and found some solution ?

Thanks in advance,


Hi @fragtmanden,
What is the file name that u are using the to open the UiPath Studio. Sometime in the start menu the studio setup appears. Check it.



I used the Studio and not the setup file - but it seems to be working again after re-installing, so now I just hope that it keeps working and doesnt stop again :slight_smile:

thanks for the feedback.


I am also facing the same problem. Reinstalling is just a workaround. May I know if you already have a permanent solution? Thank you


This is because latest Community version might not have installed properly.
for this go to your “C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\UiPath” here you will see your installed versions like,

go to last but one version my case its “app-18.3.1”, and double click on “UiPath.Studio”.
it will work.

Mohammed shakeel M