Unable to read outlook email


I am facing issue with “get outlook mail message” activity .

Get Outlook Mail message activity is working fine in Dev and UAT environment , no matter outlook application is open or closed but in PRODUCTION Environment it is not able to read if outlook is close.

Please guide me to overcome this issue …
Appreciate quick response @ovi, @aksh1yadav , @badita , @ClaytonM



Can you provide more details, like what Error Messages you receive? Maybe also provide a snippet of how you are trying to read from Outlook. Or even a screenshot of your environment right before it errors or gets stuck.

My initial thinking was that when you open Outlook which is required for Read Outlook activities, there might be some setting on the Production environment that is causing a popup to show up when Outlook opens, like telling you that a script is trying to access Outlook or something like that; you would also be able to tell this if you watch the process run from Studio, and this might be something you will need to work with your local IT for a settings fix or create automation to get around the popup.

Although, I’m just guessing without actually seeing it run on your environment.

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thank for quick reply
This is the error i am receiving :

This i find when i hover my cursor on outlook

Even i am guessing this has something to do with Production Security.


Yes. I would suggest that you consult your IT department who admins the machines so you can work them on providing a fix. The Production should be a mirror of the Dev and UAT, so something is not right.

I briefly browsed a google search on that “Another program is using Outlook” message but didn’t find a solution right away. I would say you could figure out what is using it by going through Task Manager but I’m not sure.


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Can any one guide us what could be those settings /group policy enforced in PROD vm ?
We are implementing RPA for the first time so IT Team are also not sure as in what might be blocking.

quick response is appreciated as we were suppose to go live yesterday itself and it is already delayed.


maybe they need to whitelist some of these: https://robot.uipath.com/docs/services-the-robot-connects-to

hi, did you solve the problem?

sorry for very late reply… yea i have solve this problem


How did you happen to solve the problem?

Hi Shiva,

Can you please tell me what is the error that you are getting?


Hi Ahtesham,

Could you please share how you resolved the issue as I am also facing the same issue.