Outlook mail message activity unable to read email in unattended mode

Hello guys,

I am reading emails from outlook using Get Outlook Mail Message activity. It is perferctly working fine in attented mode. But in an unattented mode, its sometimes read the email and some time its not reading the email.

What could be the possible reason for this?
Please help me out, am stuck at production run!!

I have been having this issue as well, I believe that maybe an update to outlook changed something with the way that outlook handles outside processes using it. In my case there is an error that outlook is already being used by an outside application if bots are run in succession. My solution for now is if possible try switching the getoutlook mail activity to either get POP, or IMAP. This isn’t always possible though and you could be having a different issue than I am. If this isn’t feasible I hope someone has a better answer!