Get Outlook Mail Message only works on second run

We’ve been having problems running a robot where it should get the last unread email.

The issue seems to be that on the first run it doesn’t read the message at all, and the email is still marked as unread. On the second attempt, it works just fine.

I’ve found one post where someone else had this issue, and the solution was to use the exchange-activity instead. I would rather delve into possible solutions to keep the Outlook-activity, so if anyone has any idea or have had this issue previously, I would very much like to hear about it.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @fh9090,
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Outlook has this terrible thing that if you have new mail in inbox and it’s marked as the actual one to read the application is still showing that mail is unread.
So maybe you could try to perform to close outlook application and run it again before performing to get the mail.

Thank you for the suggestion, and I now understand what’s causing the issue.
I’m using the Get Outlook Mail Message-activity, and does this actually open Outlook or does it get the message in the background?

Are you suggesting that I should use an open application activity, then close Outlook, and finally everything else after that?

For Get Outlook Mail Message activity Outlook needs to be opened.

I meant to use activities in this order → close application first then reopen outlook and get mails.

I added Open Outlook at the start and close at the end, this seems to have resolved the issue. Thank you so much Pablito!

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