Unable to perform Select item activity

Hello Everyone,

I am trying to perform print operation of a webpage. If I perform select activity operation directly it works but if I try to perform through open browser, I am facing an issue which I have attached.

I need to select this option as Save as PDF

Kindly, help me out to sort this issue.

Thanks in advance,
Murli Manohar K

Hi @Murli_Manohar

Use Click Activity to click the dropdown and Click on the Save as PDF


Hi @pravin_calvin,

I have tried to perform using click activity, but I am facing the issues as below

Where I can’t able to select one particular item, the click activity selects the complete option as one.

Even, the select item activity selects the option but when I try to use open browser, this activity fails to identify.


Try to use it in Attach Browser Activity.

that’s a selector Issue. Make sure you tweak it and check for at least 2-3 different instances of that PRINT page in Chrome.

for that pop-up there is a new window, you need to use attach window for that and then proceed.


You can also be free from the selector pain, just ise Send Hotkey commands. Ctrl + P print
For selecting the type you can use Send Hotkey,
just press tab and the letter M, you’ll get the option selected in the field and then send Hotkey enter