How can I choose "Save as PDF" in the Print Dialog in Chrome

Hi everyone,

I am having trouble trying to choose “Save as PDF” in the print dialog in chrome. Select item won’t work. I can click on the Dropbox, but the list items are not recognized as such. Only the panel with the different options is recognized. Does anyone have any idea or already suffered the same problem and know how to solve this problem?


Hello @Blerton_Ismaili ,

What kind of document are you trying to save as pdf? If it is a Word document Uipath is providing " Save Word as PDF" activity.

Please add the Word package and use it if you want to convert Word to pdf.

Else plz explain with a screenshot

Hi @Blerton_Ismaili ,

You could try out below Method :

  1. Try changing to Different UI Frameworks and Check if it is able to identify the Dropdown List values.

Unfortunately I am not able to upload any pictures from my work pc. It is a normal document no word doc.

Already tried that… Not working still only recognizes the whole selection area.

@Blerton_Ismaili ,

I was able to use Select Item Activity and Indicate the Destination Selection Box using the AA UI Framework.

It did work for me.

Could you Try and Let us know with the same methods ?

Hi @Blerton_Ismaili, Have you tried using the send hotkey activity and then use tab+enter+down+enter keys? Sometimes using key strokes is a easier way to interact with the UI if the element is not selectable.

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Hi Blerton,

Use computer vision Recorder,
first click the element and wait till its completed refreshing the element,
Then u will find dropdown select will be enabled and give the value “Save as PDF” u will be good to go. I checked and its working fine.

Mark it as solution if its worked for u

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Did you find any solution for this. I am facing the same issue.