Unable to select printer option in dropdown


I’m unable to select printer option from drop-down.

Tried all ways no use.

I need to download as PDF file

@bhashi did you try with use of attach browser for specific popup?


If you use Chrome or Edge browser, the following may be cause. If these condition are met, can you try to upgrade UiAutomation.Activities package to the latest?


Hi @bhashi

If there is a option to enable the print with keyboard shortcuts give Ctrl+P
Take a Keyboard shortcut activity and give Ctrl+P then new print window opens.

Hope it helps!!

After clicking the print option I’m getting drop down in that need to click Microsoft to pdf option

Use one click activity to drop the dropdown and then use another click activity to click on the Microsoft to pdf option. If the option is not appears then use mouse scroll activity to scroll the options and then give click activity.

Hope it helps!! @bhashi

I tried select item and click activity hover and find children but no use

Hi @bhashi

Use Click activity first and then use key board shortcuts to click

Some machine Microsoft print to pdf is different places


Are you able to type the data at that place manually please check.


No manual and type into also not working


Can you share the screenshot of how it looks when you first click on the drop down and then second screenshot of the data where to be done?

Can you help me with that


Like this around 13 printers avain that drop-down available

Have you tried with select item activity?
Below is the activity screenshot

Also, If n othingis working then try giving hotkeys or also u can use recording

Like if you want to click on 3rd option
Then give hotkey as 3 times down arrow key and then enter

Hope it helps you!


Give the click activity on the dropdown and then use the hover activity and indicate the first element available in that dropdown and the use the scroll down activity and indicate the printer you wanted to use so that it scrolls down till that printer and then use the click activity and indicate the printer.

Hope it works!!

@Vikas_M Thankyou it’s working

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