Unable to perform Find and click in SAP Table

Hello Community,
I am trying to find the value 30 in the itm column and then click on it, But when i use click text it clicks 30 from other columns, I just want 30 to be clicked from Itm column.

[The value 30 is dynamic and the value i am searching for can be on any row]
What is the best way to tackle this issue?


Each cell is associated with a row number and column number…please try to use them in the selector and click instead of click text


In SAP you usually have an option to filter out specific line item in all T-Codes so that you can search and get that as first line and use click activity to click on always with first line


okay, So filtering based on column and then use click seems like a good and clean solution

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Hope it’s clarified @hansen_Lobo
If yes would recommend to close this topic