Check and click only specific value in the table in SAP

I have been working around a SAP table where, I have to find an specific string inside the column (Direction) of an table in SAP UI.
The String value is dynamic and the location also keeps on changing in the column every month so can’t use the click activity,

Is there any way so as to find the string and use the click activity on it


For Eg:
Need to find southWest in the Direction column and double click on it.

Hi @mayankjha986 ,

First, Can we Check if we can Extract the Table in SAP using Data Scraping Wizard ?

Next, Let’s Check on the Selectors of any one Value in Column Direction. Using UI Explorer Let’s get Selector and it’s other Properties as Well. You can Post a Screenshot of it.

Then Depending on the above results, we should be able to identify the Selector for the Required String Value and then Perform a Click Operation on it.

Hi @mayankjha986

Try with Click Text Activity


Indicate on the hold table and give your dynamic string

In properties panel

Set Click Type → Click.Double

Refer to the screenshot

Hope it will help you @mayankjha986


@supermanPunch Thanks for the suggestion, but , i am not getting how to perform this activity. Please share a link or share an xaml file for reference.

Hi @mayankjha986 ,

The Data Scraping on SAP is similar to data Scraping done on Table in a Web Page.

You can Check the Below Video for Data Scraping on Tables. But some table elements would not be able to be extracted as a Table and we would require it to verified first.

Hi Mayank,

Can you share on how you resolved this? I ended up in a similar situation where in I need to double click a specific cell value on SAP Cost Center Report.

Thank you,