Search text from Variable (string) in SAP and click it

Hi everyone,

i have a filtered DT from which I converted the values to string.
Now I want to search in a for each loop, for the variable (a number) in SAP table. When the value is found, i want to double click on it.


variable value (string) = 0041504293/00010

next step: go into SAP and search that number (yellow highlighted) and click on it

Screenshot 2023-02-03 152100

Note: It is not possible to go and search with the SAP integrated search function, because it can only search for different values but not for that one.

Thanks a lot!

HI @laura.groeger

The use case: I want to find in which row is text 403 and then double-click the column material .

The solution is here: SAP table: if element exists, then click on value in SAP table. But the values always change position - #5 by LevKushnir

Best regards, Lev

Hi @laura.groeger ,

You can try with ‘Click Text’ activity. Spy the table and pass the variable in Text.

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Firstly thanks for your approaches!

But these dont quite fit to my case. It’s a whole table in SAP.
I extract it with data scraping, filter it and at the end a few values are left. Now I want to search them in SAP and click.

With the approaches from you, I would already have to know, where the values positions are, but i dont know them, because of the data table.


did you try with click text? it should work

Another approach is getting the index from datatable and making a dynamic click by passing the index into the row or idx attribute in the click activity


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