Unable to login to connect enterprise hub

Hi, every time i try to login to enterprise hub (UiPath Automation Hub) i get an error: “invalid tenant / tenant url” . A tries two different google accounts and two different e-mails. PLS HELP

@Przemyslaw_Dybek: Connect Enterprise is an enterprise SaaS solution. That means that it targets being used by organizations, each one creating its own instance. Hence, there is no “public” instance where you can just sign in. You must either create a trial instance or ask someone to invite you as a user within their organization’s instance.

Please see this tutorial on how to create a trial instance: https://docs.uipath.com/connect-enterprise/docs/getting-started

Go the the product presentation page and click on “Try it now” to start your experience.


Hi @Iulia_Istrate So this is a similar issue I am facing too. I have signed up for a Automation Hub trial tenant, and could only view it the first time. I was then logged out and each time I try to log back in, by default I keep being redirected to the “Create your trial tenant” page. I have signed up with 2 different email accounts, and tried via different browsers, cleared history, cache etc. Any help would be appreciated.

Hello, @chadm,

The Automation Hub page is only for creating a trial tenant, after clicking on the button “Try it free”. Once the tenant is created, you receive a unique URL for your tenant (check your inbox for the Begin your trial email), which we recommend you to bookmark in your browser, in order to access the tenant in the future.
If you give me your email address in a private message, I can indicate the URL of your tenant.

Thank you,

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I am having the same issue. Can you please let me know the url as well please as I am unable to find the email about Automation HUb trial tenant in my mailbox.