Whats my Enterprise Connect URL

So Im trying to set a client up with a free trial of enterprise connect.

I’ve gone t the page to start the trial and it says that the my e-mail address is already in use.

I’ve gone to the usual Enterprise Connect login page and put the tennant name at the end of


but it says that its invalid,

Ive checked my own companies url and our tennant name has some numbers at the end?? Which don’t appear anywhere on uipath platform etc

any ideas

Hello, @Jersey_Practical_Sho,
Please send me a PM with your email address and I will chech in our system what is the URL for your tenant.

Normally, you should have received an email with “Begin your trial…”. Search for that email and it also contains the URL of your tenant.

If you are a partner and you want to set up a tenant for your client, we recommend you use the email address of your client to be the Account Owner, as you cannot create a trial tenant on the same email address that you already used once.