I cannot sign in but always asked me to create a new Trial Tenant

I had an issue that I already sign up last week and start trial of using Connect Enterprise Hub.

This morning when I tried to login to the platform, it always asked me to sign up and create a new Trial Tenant.

What’s the problem with this?

I need to sent ticketed for technical support, so it’s kinda urgent situation.

If anyone have advice or solution to fix this, it’d be really helpful and appreciated.

Thanks for everyone for supporting always.

P.S. I’m sorry to say that but UiPath claim “Using one account for all product”, until now I already created several accounts for these similar issues…

Hi @opas1216

You are using the trial version. Have you checked whether the trial period has finished or not…

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Hi @Lahiru.Fernando

I understood I’m using trial version, but also It didn’t reach the end of the period for sure since I activated the trial on last week Thursday(2020/1/9).

Actually it doesn’t let me log in, instead, It keep asking me to create another Trial Tenant also it doesn’t allowed me to change the mail address in sign up page, website already set up the mail address

@loginerror @Pablito - Any idea why this is happening? :slight_smile:

@opas1216: After creating the tenant, you should have received a Notification email about the creation of your tenant. Follow the URL and that is the URL you must use every time you want to sign in.

@opas1216: can you give us the name of your tenant, please?
It does not seem to exist any Connect Enterprise instance created on your email address (personal, business email).

@opas1216: Send a private message, at it contained details about your tenant.