Automation HUB - Login url


where can i find the login url for the automation hub?


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please refer to the following url


the problem is when i click login, the window opens to start the trial version. But I am already registered and I get an error message.
So I can’t log in right now and I can’t register again. I would then have to send a new email address, which I do not want.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to use all of the UiPath features due to the distribution of the systems. Is there a central login from where I can access all of my UiPath products?

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I looked it up, but the Trial version seems to be accessible with{Tenant}.
However, I have not yet found a way to check the existing Tenant.

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So this is a similar issue I am facing too. I have signed up for a Automation Hub trial tenant, and could only view it the first time. I was then logged out and each time I try to log back in, by default I keep being redirected to the “Create your trial tenant” page. I have signed up with 2 different email accounts, and tried via different browsers, cleared history, cache etc. Any help would be appreciated.

You need the confirmation mail from automation hub registration and use this link. That is the only way it work for me.

Hi @AntonWildermut
I hope you had use trial version and it may had expired
Is the most probably of your issue

Hi @Maneesha_de_silva
Could you please guide how to create Tenant on Enterprise version of Automation Hub .


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hi @Gopal_Tewari
Just follow this , same steps you need to follow on Enterprise version

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