Unable to license community studio from orchestrator

Hi folks, I am getting the below error when I try to connect to UiPath studio community version.

The error says like this: " Locally unlicensed studio enterprise edition can not acquire a license from orchestrator community Edition. Please use studio community edition. "

I have downloaded community version studio only, still I am getting above error.

Is it a Enterprise Studio you are trying to connect with Community Orchestrator?

You need to download the Community Edition from cloud.uipath.com


@loginerror : Dear, the studio was initially licensed and next day, I got this error. Please guide.

Hi @Dhaval_Raval

Were you previously connected to Orchestrator Community service?

Dear @loginerror : Yes, perviously I was connected to orchestrator community service only.

When I first time open the UiPath Studio community version after installing it, it works fine.
But when I close the studio, and re-open it, I am getting the error which I posted above.

Is there any way to reset the Orchestrator settings back to default, similar to the one when we create the Orchestrator service for the first time ?

Nope, I have downloaded studio community version only. First time it works, but once I close the studio and again re-open it, I am getting above error. Please let me know if you have some time, we can connect tomorrow as per your availability. thanks.

As mentioned above by @alexandru, this issue happens when you used the MSI installer rather than EXE installer (having both at the same time is also not supported).

Using the EXE installer only should fix this issue.

What I would suggest is a clean installation as per this document:
How to fix your Studio installation / Licensing issues

Small update. Since our latest versions we have only 1 installer, which simplifies the experience and hopefully fixes the issue reported in this topic.