Acquire License Error


I am having an error with my UiPath Studio license. I’m using community edition and my orchestrator’s working fine and robot is connected.

Hope someone can help me. Thank you!

Hello! Can you check if you have 2 UiPath Studio Instances installed?

Hi! Based on the Program and Features, I only have UiPath Studio and UiPath Platform Installer because I am using 2019.4.6 version.

Hi @esantiago,

Enterprise Studio won’t work with Community Orchestrator. You will need to install Community studio to connect with Community Orchestrator. Platform installer is for enterprise versions.
Uninstall the existing Studio and Platform Installer, download community studio from Cloud orchestrator as shown below and install. That should fix the issue.

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You can check out this post for additional info. I had faced similar issue before. :slight_smile:

Thank you. I have try 2019.4.6 version and it is working. I don’t know why in version 2019.4.6 isn’t.

Hi @esantiago,
I believe the restriction came from 2019.10 onwards. I wouldn’t recommend using 2019.4 version as its FTS and UiPath support is already over for those versions. May be it doesn’t matter for community but it’s always better to use stable LTS versions for development.