Unable to Identify the Button is ON or OFF



unable to identify the button is On or Off. i have used Image Exist Activity & Element exist but no use. Please help.


same for both On & Off.

Hi @srinivasanma1

Can you check the properties panel on the left bottom to check if any property is changing?


Yes, i have checked but no changes at all in selector. No differences found.

Hi @srinivasanma1

Can you check on ui tree if the parent elements are having difference. if not go to inspect element and manually see what is changing when you switch. There might be some other child or parents child that is changing or a script might be running . If you can share the site that would help as well


Hi @srinivasanma1 ,

Try exploring some more options for your selector.

When you click edit selector, from there click on “Open in UI Explorer”.


and from UiExplorer, from right side of the screen, try exploring the “unselected” items.


From here you might be able to identify button’s state. If so, simply select it.

i did try that too… but no changes found at all… dont no how going to cross this

its depending on the details on how this control is realized. e.g. some UI Webkits combining different html elements along with Javascript. In such a construct, a checkbox is involved and can be checked for the status

So it is depending on the details and we recommend to inspect these structure details within UiExplorer / Browser F12 Webtools

When the button is off

when the button is On

looks both or same.

but while inspect using f12 difference found like

button is Off : " class=“slider round”> "
Button is On : " class=“slider round” uipath_custom_id=“5”>"

but how to utilize this

it is injected from uipath selector spy, but will not help / work

we need more details from the surrounding element structure e.g inspect element & Browser Tools or Visual tree from uipath and navigate /expanded the region around the on/off element

Use a Get Attribute activity, click the toggle, and see what properties are there. Should be something that shows you the value like on/off, true/false, etc