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The “Next” button disappears when you reach the last page of the LinkedIn list however it still seems to be actionable (taking me back the page 1). Any suggestions as to how I interrogate whether or not that button is visible before clicking on it. I was hoping that I could just click on it and catch an error when it is no longer there but a) I don’t know what error that would trigger (none so far) and b) even specifying that it must be visible it executes for ever.

Hi @chuck.jowett
You can use image exist activity.


WaitForVisible option of FindElement activity might work in this case.

Or GetAttribute activity might be able to used if attribute of the element is changed when invisible. Please chaeck it using property explorer of UiExploer.


For Modern Design, you also have the option “Enforce element visibility”.


Thanks but what attribute would I be looking for?
I find UIPath documentation very poor. The activities are not described in very much detail at all and the examples given are very high level and in a lot of case don’t actually work because the webpages they use have been changed so you can’t even use them with the debugger to see what gets returned.

Find Element didn’t work. It times out even when the Next button is visible on the first iteration when the button is visible and interact-able.

The Get Attribute worked. I had to repeatedly try each attribute that Studio was able to detect for me and I found two that switch when I hit the final page: innertext and outertext.
So thanks again for your help.

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