How to click the button where selector is not identify the button?

I used click activity to click the button, but the selector can’t able to find the button?
what to do?
Can anyone help me?
Thank you for your kind suggestion

working with uiexplorer helps for identification. Right click on the button and inspect the result within the visual tree panel from uiexplorer. Once identified, right click and select set as target.

In case of it is a webapplication inspecting the structure within the browser web tools (F12) give an initial insight to the element structures as well.

Hi @Ganesh_S1 , after indicating that button you can open ui explorer to find that particular tag which name is ‘Button’.

Here for this example, publish was the button that I wanted to click. So I selected that name of the button and selected the tag ‘Button’ to make it work.

Hope that helps you.

Thanks for your reply But I can’t identify

Use click image activity

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@Pankaj.Patil Thank you so much it’s working

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