Click Activity id is changing

Hello All,
I am using Linkedin for downloading resumes… i need to click a button to see all people resume .
But id of button is changing when i close the browser.
even i gave wildcard in the selector but it is not clicking the button correctly .it is throwing an error as “Unable to find the UIelement”
i used Find text,click text,Ocr but no luck .

Any idea?
Thanks …

Hi @shnega

Can u show the selector of that button in uiexplorer

I think Id attribute will.not help you in making selector dynamic

Meanwhile check whether any other attribute is changing


Nived N :robot:

Happy Automation :relaxed::relaxed::relaxed:

uiexplorer i got for click button

Hi @shnega

Did u check when u are changing the button do any attribute is changing ?

Hi @shnega

Try to use Find children activity and loop through the child Ui Elements and position click activity when bot identifies that ui element.


yes …id and parent id is changing

Hi @shnega

Then try to make both dynamic and then try it again

Best choice should be the aaname tag. If you dont manage last resort is image click.

in my case, aaname is blank… i tried image click ,click text but no luck