Unable to extract the data using Table Extraction tool

Hi, I am trying to extract the data from LinkedIn. I am using the Table Extraction activity from Modern Experience. But I am unable to extract the full data from another paginated page. It only extracts the first page.

I have attached the project for your ready reference. Please help with your insights.

I am using Studio 2021.10.5.

LinkedIn.zip (10.1 KB)

Hi, Bablu!

Please, try to use more general attributes for your selector of the next button)

For example id=‘ember242’. This attribute could change in any web session.

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Thanks for the suggestion, @Sergey_Petrenko! I tried to work as you suggested but I couldn’t succeed yet because I couldn’t find a more general attribute. Would you please extend your help a bit more if you can?

Please, try this selector for the Next button: <webctrl tag='SPAN' aaname='*Next*' />

Thanks a heap for your time! Did this selector work in your case within the above-mentioned project? It doesn’t seem to work in my case, unfortunately.

The problem I notice is I need to scroll down and bring the “Next” button to the visible screen. Then, it works but I have to scroll down on every next page.


Just to clarify did we follow the steps for Table extraction as per this doc especially clicking on Next button when it spans multiple pages

Cheers @hacback17

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Hi @Palaniyappan

Yes, I think I followed the steps correctly.



Did we choose Next button for extracting in multiple pages

Try recreating after upgrading all the project dependencies and let us know

Cheers @hacback17

I haven’t done much. It’s already the updated project.

Please see this.