Extract Table Data not working for multiple pages

Dear UiPath Community,

I am using the “Extract Table Data” activity to retrieve data from a web page. However, I am encountering an issue that I could use some assistance with.

Here’s the problem: The “Extract Table Data” activity works perfectly on the first page, and it successfully extracts the data I need. However, when the workflow proceeds to the second page, it throws a warning and fails to fetch the data. I am unable to determine the cause of this issue.

I have attached a screenshot of the warning message I am receiving. I’m hoping that someone in the UiPath community might be able to shed some light on what could be causing this warning and how I can resolve it to successfully extract data from subsequent pages.


Thank you in advance for your time and assistance. I look forward to hearing from you and learning from your experiences.

Best regards,
Muhammad Anas.

Is it a public web page? What’s the URL?

Otherwise, you have to check to see if the selector changes for the indicated element when you click next, and make sure the selector you’ve used accommodates the change.

Here is the URL https://www.tripadvisor.ca/Restaurants-g155004-Ottawa_Ontario.html.

I need to read the restaurant’s names. You will see there are so many pages it collects the data from the first page but on the second page it throws an exception.

Could you kindly let me know where I can make the selectors dynamic and test them?

Ensure the following:

No Fuzzy Selector
Targeting Methods properly set to Selector / Strict Selector

<webctrl aaname=' Next ' parentid='EATERY_LIST_CONTENTS' tag='A' />

It did the paging

Otherwise show your detail settings

It is clicking on the next button perfectly fine. I have noticed that when it is on page one the URL is:


But when it clicks on next (which Means goes to the second page) URL becomes:


That could cause an issue maybe?

you can try to wildcard this dynamic part as one of more options