Table Extraction Next Button not working


I wanted to practice my skills by trying to get the datas from the LinkedIn search pages.
But each time I configure the “next button”, it works once, but then doesn’t work when I run my program, nor when I click the “Edit next link” option.
Or when it does work, it only works once, from page 1 to page 2, or from page 2 to page 3, but it’s all.

I searched on internet, but didn’t find anything that make it works.
Thanks for any help,

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often the next page selector has inserted some specifics of a particular context and needs to be reworked to be more general.

Can you share with us your current next selector? Please use the </> format button from editor. Thanks

Hello, thanks for the answer.
My next button has the following :
(hoping this is what you’re asking)
Also I would add that the Next Button isn’t visible when i arrive on the page, I’ve to scroll down to see it. And i just tried scrolling down manually while the automation was extracting the data, and i manage to arrive on the 3th page that way.

I hope this can help you help me :slight_smile: