Unable to click submenu "Vendor Inventory" in Acme website

Dear folks,

I am unable to automate the sub-menu clicks(“Vendor Inventory”) after clicking “Vendor” after logging in to Acme site. I tried using F2, but it didn’t worked. Moreover i tried modifying the selectors using Visual tree, but that also didn’t worked.

can you upload your xaml sequence here?

Thanks Jack,

but I found a work around for it. it is as below:
Press F2 , That will pause the automation for 3 Sec, till then long right click on the target element, UIPath will capture it !

Cool @chinmay.raut

Happy Automation
Basically remember F2 is always fr pause so you basically get 3 sec to bring your target on front screen

@chinmay.raut Can you try with the select item activity . Use the below links on how to use it

Select Item - Video1

Select Item - Video2