Not able to click on sub Menu

Hello Community,
I am trying to click on a submenu with click event (Not a web Recording). Then pausing the click event for 3 seconds using F2 to navigate to the submenu but once 3 seconds gets over submenu is getting disappeared. I know I can use Send hotkey activity but it doesn’t make any sense even UiPath claims that pausing the click event works perfectly to navigate to the submenu. I have checked their academy as well they are doing the same thing what I am doing, the funny part is it’s working on their tutorial video but not in my process.


It should work. Again press F2 and at the last sec do Hover on that menu option then sub menu will appear and click on that to select it.


Are you using chrome or other web browser? please make sure you have enabled the extension of it. Otherwise you can’t select the specific elements in the website.

Or you can use UIexplorer to click RPA, after that you can find RPA journey elements inside the visual tree.

Attached is for your reference.

Nope. I have tried it doesn’t work.


Other alternative is to use Navigate To activity and provide that url inside Open Browser or Attach Browser activity.

I have one solution which is working fine but it’s kind of workaround. If I do a right-click on the submenu after hitting the F2 (3 second Pause) it’s getting detected. and good part is it won’t affect the Selectors.

it’s a good workaround but every time you can’t do it right. I have given my solution above.

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