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I am trying to build a code in the part of UiPath certification on ACME website. Once I logged into options page i want to click on “Invoices” option and again i need to select “search invoices” option. Can anyone tell me which activity should I use there?

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Irfan Shaik

you can use the click activity to achieve that.

Hello I used click activity to click on “Invoices”. When I select “Invoices” Option it takes only “Invoices” option selectors. You can check below screenshot as for reference.! I need to select both Screenshot%20(44)|690x388

Use another click activity after the click activity which you used for clicking the invoices.

I tried it bro. But it couldn’t worked out :frowning:

in the second click activity there you have to indicate the element which you have to click. press F2 it will give some delay then you can click the invoice once and the box opens after that you click the element inside that it will work. No use bro. When I press F2 also it couldn’t work :frowning:

After you press the F2 in the 3 seconds delay time click and hold on the invoices . you will be able to select the next option then.


Use web recording on IE browser and it will work .
Please find the screenshot for reference .


@md.ahtesham Thanks bro. It’s working :slight_smile:

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Happy Automation :slight_smile:

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