Unable to click proper selector on ie


I want to click on name so using click activity i am fetching selector.
want to click below highlighted part.

When i am trying from my already build script to fetch selector it is not selecting properly, going /selecting little above of what i want so unable to click also while running.

but when i am creating new script and checking for selector it is selecting proper like below

why i am facing this issue ?
please help me on the same to solve.
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Did you develop the old script with previous versions of uipath packages?

script was developed in previous version of uipath.now we have upgraded version of uipath

Then it is because of older versions.

ok what is the solution or this

Well the whole workflow should be made with new package version. But if it is not feasible, then try to see if the click is working in previous version. Sometimes it happens that it highlights little different position but works fine. If it is not working try to adjust the selector, otherwise try to capture the area but the area should be so small that it looks like point. If it doesn’t work then try to use click image.

Basically to connect the production environment we have 3 sessions/logins.
we made that workflow in one session say “a” with older version and now requirement is to run on another session say “b”.
now uipath is upgraded and we are trying to run on session b where click is not working and there are many more click for each click it is selecting same way as i mentioned in image.
In session “a” working fine with no error.

Downgrading the UiPath could be one solution.

we have upgraded uipath on session “a” too but working fine for that session

Are the project files same on both sessions?

yes same files just we are connecting using different login id’s.
even opening script from same location

On session ‘b’, save the previous selector in a text file. Now indicate the element again. Compare the new selector with the previous one. See what is different.

yes i tried . but same issue

Try the reapair option in selector window.


I’m sorry but this is bad advice.

You can’t expect people to rewrite entire automations just to upgrade to the latest version of a package. It isn’t necessary. When you upgrade your dependency it updates the activities you’ve used from that library.

And using click image is also bad advice. The click will work just fine, there’s not need to move to less reliable activities.

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Don’t use css-selector. They’re awful and inconsistent. You should always manually edit your selectors to get them right, don’t go by what UiPath suggests. The best thing to use for most things is aaname if it exists and is unique for the element, and doesn’t change.

If feasible then it’s OK. And the click is not working in this case.

What should be the solution.

Get the selector set up correctly. I suspect he is just using whatever UiPath gives him when indicating the element. You should always review what it gives you, and 99% of the time you have to edit the selector for it to be correct. Always avoid css-selector, idx, and other generic things as much as you can.

But it is working fine on session ‘a’, even after upgrading.

The solution is not to have different versions of things. All your environments should be the same version of Studio, Orchestrator, etc.